Priority List and Downline for TBC

If you have already joined Team Build Club (TBC), you know about the 200 free leads you get just for signing up for a free account. If you login to your account, you can also see how many members have joined after you. This is exciting to know that you are benefitting from the efforts of everybody in teambuildclub whether you promote your link or not.

Why is this number of members that joined after you so important?

It tells you how many potential members will follow you in future projects. This is a guaranteed downline. If you join using this link today, tomorrow you will probably see that number around 200. The image above is from an account on our team that joined in September 2021. Over 24k people have joined after this account holder.

There is currently over 30000 free members in teambuildclub. Free members can make money sharing their link. Many free members have upgraded their account from commissions earned as a free member. I know several people on our team have upgraded from commissions they earned sharing a link they received from the admin at TBC. All members make commissions 10 levels deep whether you stay as a free member or upgrade to higher level of membership.

Affiliate Marketing or MLM?

It is an affiliate marketing program that pays 10 levels deep.  There is no minimum requirement to earn a commission. There is no minimum number of referrals to earn a commission. If you bring the right person in as a referral, you could become very wealthy from that person’s reach or influence.

In a typical MLM (Multi level marketing program), you do have minimums. You are usually required to buy something yourself every month on auto-ship and find at least 2 or 3 others that are willing to buy a product every month.  This is not the case with TBC. You can earn from one person’s success. You can also share this opportunity with a huge network and benefit from a large group of referrals.

Why would someone upgrade their teambuildclub account?

The main reason for most of us is higher commissions. Free members make 10% from direct referrals. All upgraded members make 20% commission from their direct level 1 referrals. You can upgrade to the different levels; basic, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. Each level has more access to training, guides, and resources.  Each level also has a higher priority than levels below.

Jump UP to Higher Priority

Each level also has a higher priority in future projects. So if you upgrade to basic, all 30000+ free members are now in your guaranteed downline on the next project. If you upgrade to Silver, then all the free members and basic members are in your downline. Diamond Members are in the highest priority with all free, basic, silver, gold and platinum members following them in the priority list for future projects.  There are other benefits to upgrading that will be discussed in other posts on this website.

If you are able to upgrade to diamond, we encourage you do it asap.  On February 1st, Project 1 will launch and the Diamonds as of that day will benefit the most from the project launch.

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How many members joined after you? Have you upgraded your membership?


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